Who We Are

Paula Gantz Publishing Consultancy provides business analysis, strategic planning and product development to the science, medicine, technical and academic publishing communities. Clients include scientific, medical and professional societies, universities, publishers and anyone desiring to publish academic content digitally or in a more traditional print environment.


Our Mission

  • To help our clients provide their user/reader communities with the highest quality, easily accessible and most integrated sources of content.
  • To strongly brand that content in order to provide a “stamp of approval” regarding reliability and professional integrity.
  • To extend the reach and influence of our clients into their global target communities, recognizing that information is no longer local in nature.
  • To encourage experimentation and innovation when developing new products and educational content.
  • To enhance the profitability of publishing efforts through expansion of revenue sources and partnership agreements which provide valuable services  and growth.

How We Do It

Client business and editorial needs drive the project management process. Initial discussions determine the goals and scope of work. A timeline and project benchmarks are created so that evaluation of the process takes place at intervals. Client feedback and participation are hallmarks of our process.